Wutabout Wutabout ? is a social platform where you can read and share ideas with other people without cencorship. gives you the opportunity to discuss any topic, rate and filter them thus, reach every single opinion which are valuable for you.


Wutabout “Wut”, “Wutter” and “Wutting”?

Basicly, comments are the subjective ideas of the people. Philosophically, we can define comments as the subjective interpretations of universe. We call this interpretation as “wut” or “wuts”. Here , commenter is named as “wutter” and the act of commenting is named as “wutting”.


Wutabout quality wut?

A quality wut is a personal thought which is unique and gives an idea about wutter’s approach to the topic. Let’s work with an example;


Topic: Wutabout smart phones?
“Quality” Wut: “Smart phones are making our lives easier and more complicated at the same time. I know it ruins my life, i feel it everyday. I find my self checking my phone and...”
“Bad” Wut: “My phone’s screen is broken.”

As you see, quality wut is consisting the subjective opinion of the wutter. Some may think differently but it is still a personal idea and we respect it. But people here really don’t care if your phone’s screen is broken unless it has smth to do with your opinion. Like, “My smart phone’s screen is broken because i am using it all the time, i think i am loosing control over myself because of these devices.”

If you really want to write “My phones screen is broken.” online, you may try using micro blogging sites or facebook.


Wutabout filtering?

Filtering is one of the most special features of wutabout. With filtering option, users can browse and reach every single wut. For instance, you may reach the wuts about Madonna, which are posted by females between 20 and 30 years old and living in USA or the opinions about Barack Obama, of a 30 years old Turkish guy who is living in France. The more wutters we get from all over the world, the more ideas and perspectives will be able to get filtered. So spread the word and enjoy!


Wutabout connecting people? is a social platform, so you may interact, follow wutters and send private messages to them. Come on and get more connected with our community!


Wutabout topics?

In wutabout, you may follow and suggest topics, call your followers and friends to discuss ideas on any matter.


Wutabout rating and voting?

Rating and voting give the wutters ability to moderate and evaluate topics and wuts. As you see, we don’t want to moderate every wut and topic. We want wutabout community to moderate wuts and topics itself and keep the quality information flow. Wuts are being voted by wutters so your wut may appear at the bottom line of the topic. Or the rating of the topic may be low, thus topic would be “less respected”.


Wutabout moderation?

As mentioned above, we don’t want to moderate the content of the wutabout community. We want to develop an open minded and free community and gather the thoughts of the people as wide and diverse as possible. We may moderate and delete some wuts which may cause copyright infringement or child abuse. For more information please read our terms of use.


Wutabout privacy?

Privacy of your information or the information you created are one of our most important values in Today, mining and using information that user created is one of the biggest issues of our age. Our motto is “the user generated content belongs to user and community.”. We aim to give you the opportunity to mine and utilize the information being created in wutabout. Use wutabout’s filtering and rating features to mine the information generated.

We also placed “anonymous” button under “wutting space” so you may post anonymous wuts about topic. Be sure that we will not share your personal information if you wut via that button.

For more information please see terms of use and privacy sections.

Why Are We In Closed Beta?

Please read this page to reveal the secrets of the reasons why.